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Dear Parents and Students,

 Welcome back to another exciting year of education at Piedmont / Stagebarn Elementary.  For those of you joining us here for the first time let me be the first to extend a hearty welcome.  We’re excited to have you here!  At Piedmont / Stagebarn Elementary we have a talented staff who is committed to giving you the best education possible.  Without question, I believe you will have a fulfilling year filled with learning, excitement, and fun.

 This handbook is designed to give you a road map of expectations at Piedmont / Stagebarn Elementary School.  It will also inform you about staff, programs, and other related items of interest that you need to be aware of.  It is very important that you as a parent take the time to look at the handbook with your child and to discuss its contents. In addition, the teachers will take the necessary time early in the school year to discuss vital information within the handbook so your student is aware of specific rules and procedures at Piedmont / Stagebarn Elementary. 

 Meade School District 46-1 uses the Boys Town Educational Model for discipline.  The expectation is that all students will follow the rules and respect each other in order to ensure the best possible learning environment.  Philosophically, I believe that students cannot learn to their optimum ability if they don’t feel safe.  This model helps us maintain a safe environment so your child can be free of distraction while he or she is in the classroom.  The model is designed to “teach” students appropriate ways to interact with each other and adults.  It is a positive approach and allows all individuals to be treated with dignity and respect. 

 I would also like to take the opportunity to invite parents and other visitors to come and visit us during special events or even to visit your child’s classroom.  If you elect to visit a classroom, all we ask is that you stop by the office to inform us of your presence and to please wear your visitors pass.  Safety is of the utmost importance and you can help ensure your child’s safety by being diligent in wearing the visitors pass. 

 In closing, I want to wish all students and parents a very successful school year.  I am honored to be a part of the Meade School District and more specifically the Piedmont / Stagebarn community.  I believe together we can accomplish great things.  Best of luck, and if there is anyway I can assist you feel free to contact me.


Yours in Education,


Ethan Dschaak




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